Gúusaaw Ḵugíinaay Ḵ'aláad

Neahttadigisánit is available for the following language groups.

We're currently working on some new dictionaries for the following language groups. Since these may not always be online, they are not linked here, but please contact us if you would like to see a demo!

  • Balto-finnic languages: Kven, Olonets, Livonian, and Izhorian.
  • Mordvinic languages: Moksha and Erzya.
  • Mari languages: Eastern and Western.
  • Permic languages: Komi-Zyrian

Even more dictionaries...

Giellatekno also has other languages and dictionaries that are not yet available in Neahttadigisánit. For a list of all other online dictionaries built with our tools, see this list.